To socialize. To mix with people. To converse or chat with someone or a group in an easy, friendly manner. That is mingling. To exchange ideas, to talk about dreams and aspirations. And to have amazing food and cocktails to go with it.


Arcadion is not just a building in the most central of all locations in Corfu. It is a spot with special historic gravitas and with a powerful societal centripetal force, attracting people, events and sometimes even political action.

A reference point for everything that takes place on the island and for everyone who lives and operates in the local universe.




It was an amazing season in our Roof Top, full of new experiences and lots of mingling! Let’s renew our bistronomie appointment for next year, June the 1st. Thank you for your warm support all through summer!

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Arcadion Hotel Roof Top is now open! What a joy for all true food aficionados of Corfu that are looking for a unique opportunity to treat their palates with extravagant Greek cuisine and signature cocktails. The Arcadion Roof Top carries the bistronomie atmosphere of the Arcadion Bistrot and offers 360o views of the historic Corfu skyline. Chef Alexandros Lepesis artfully twists the rules of traditional Greek cuisine while Theodore Riganas, the awarded mixologist, creates unique cocktails with superior taste and aesthetic presentation.


Make sure you make your reservation before arrival. For more information contact Arcadion Hotel.

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Under the bistronomie law, you’ve got to have brunch! Arcadion Bistrot introduces the art of brunching in Corfu, offering an incredible menu, refreshing drinks and signature cocktails. Taste scrambled eggs on toast or a mouthwatering croque madame, a chicken katsu sando or a roast beef sandwich. Accompany your choices with Corfiot Sparkling Lemonade with organic agave and fresh kumquat or with a sparkling Ginger beer. Wrap up with Arcadion pancakes. Yummy and chic.


Brunch commences at 11:00 am

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How about some crazy delicious cocktails and a bit of serious mingling? Nights are transformed in Corfu with Arcadion Bistrot presenting some of the most phenomenal signature cocktails you’ve ever tasted. Our mixologist is creating drinkable wonders that taste majestic and look stunning. Treat your friends with a Botanical Embrace or give them a Diagilos Punch depending on the argument. Cheers!

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