March 25th, 1930s. A Sunday walk at Liston. People with “European air” under the pretext of coffee and walk, meet at the Cafes to discuss politics and society. Authors and poets, journalists, politicians, famous painters, tradesmen, all blend and mingle creating a unique social mix.



Large Venetian mirrors, neat glass doors, heavy furniture, national-patriotic lithographs, Kaiser paintings, billiards, decks, backgammon, mints, raki, rum, tea, beers, brandy, tsitsimbires. And, of course, coffee. The one and only of the era: the “Ibrik” in a copper kettle.

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You could record history just by looking at the faces of the people that connected their lives with Arcadion. The smile of contentment, the burning gaze of political passion, the easy expressions of taking life as it is.

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Yiannis Spingos and Maria Koni represent the third generation of Arcadion Hotel owners. After being inspired by their travel stories, they decided to boost the eclectic, cosmopolitan atmosphere of the hotel by creating Arcadion Bistrot, a place that favors mingling and get-togethers and features classy mid-European ambience, exquisite cuisine and breathtaking cocktails.

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